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Art Director / Designer / Artist / Web Designer / Consumer Experience / UI & UX Expert
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Our strategy is to implement a comprehensive, Consumer Experience Approach, Analytics & Design Trends;
that are proven to increase customer interaction and conversions on web properties and products.

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intelius - how reports are created
MPAN.tv site UI/UX design
inome.com explore how you're connected
Tastee Freez, Cool Latte

Cool Latte POP

Art Direction / Logo Design
POP / Layout / Digital Photography

Created using:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Fireworks



UI / UX / Design / Advertising

Created using:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


VinceRodDesigns has increased customer interaction & conversions on multiple web properties and products.


About VinceRodDesigns

I create ideas that last, inspire and convert into sales. Building from the foundations of art, design and functionality, I like to push the boundaries through beautiful typography, good color choice, interesting layouts and great solutions for usability and user experience.

What I Offer

I offer graphic, web & conceptual design. My goal is to help clients maximize the benefit of their marketing efforts through a professional, effective corporate image & web presence. I have effectively produced noticeable increases in customer conversions and customer loyally.

Make Your Business Profitable

Changes to your business identity or marketing can be stressful, take the right approach and hire VinceRodDesings to help you plan your marketing strategies. Increase your margins with new completive ideas. Consult with VinceRodDesigns to gain your competitive advantage.


Creative Direction / UI / UX / Marketing / Social Networking / Email Marketing

This is a highly visual UI/IX site, that takes information pertaining to a single individual and shows how information such as address history, neighbors, relatives, professional history, education, alumni and friends are linked together to illustrate the story of a person. This site uses a visual weblike interface to show a user how they are connected.

Created With:

iNome Featured Project

Where To Begin

I am located in a quaint little city north of Los Angeles CA, a city I like to V-town otherwise known as Valencia CA. In this town that I now call home I have found many things that are offered here, from Hollywood movie studios and TV production studios. I found out that for all that Valencia offers it the lack of quality designers that can successfully implement strategies that will help small and medium sized businesses and individuals make there mark and be successful online.
I have been involved in all things art and design since I could remember. I progressed from paper, then canvas, and now computers.
Working with a successful advertising agency in Pasadena CA, I have lead new concepts that have been seen through the United States. From large format printing, to millions of ads I have taken all my achievements and added so many more. Now I am currently focusing my work on User Experience and User Interface (UX and UI). I take advantage of my unique skills to help create marketing campaigns that bring results.
So if you are currently looking for a top notch art director, designer and artist then look no further, give me a call and lets talk.

Every Site is Better with Dog

I just wanted to share a picture of my dog. His name is Indiana and I am currently working to make his very own website. Yes my dog Indiana has his very own website in the works. keep up to date on this project as well as others on Facebook.

My Dog Indiana